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Brush Cleaner

Poured, solid soap. Suitable for synthetic & natural-hair make-up brushes, blenders and sponges.
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About the cleaner

The vegan soap is neutral, moisturizing & enriched with essential oils - with a light, pleasant scent. It works well with both warm and cold water - eliminating dirt and germs that usually remain on the make-up applicators.

How to use

1. Hold the brush with bristles facing downwards (to avoid getting water into the central brush unit) and wet the brush.

2. Sweep the wet brush across the cleaner to build up a lather.

3. Sweep brush from side to side on the textured surface of your silicone cleaning pad.

4. Rinse the brush tip under running water.

*** Repeat steps until the water runs clear. Allow to dry before washing the other side. Turn soap tin upside down after use & allow to dry before closing.


Coconut oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Parfum, Citric acid, Citronella


Net weight 30g

My easy glow liquid soap and a tin - a convenient and stylish duo for your cleansing routine.
A brush and a container with the words "Made in Italy" - a symbol of Italian craftsmanship.
A step-by-step guide on using a wet brush to clean makeup brushes. Keep your brushes clean and hygienic.

Customer Reviews

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It’s a yes from me!

Love that the soap has essential oils! It’s also so convenient - generally I procrastinate when it comes to brush cleaning, but this makes it so easy 💌🤝

Megan Storey
Effortlessly effective

Effortlessly Effective!

The Easy Glow Brush Cleaner is a game-changer! It not only cleans makeup brushes like a dream but also leaves them smelling divine.

Highly recommended!

Love this!

This vegan brush cleaner is my best. The brushes look NEW after washing.

Good as new

The brush cleanser is nice and compact, easy to use, smells lovely and leaves the brush clean and soft. Love it!


Testimonial model for Myeasyglow
Testimonial model for Myeasyglow
Testimonial model for Myeasyglow
Testimonial model for Myeasyglow
Testimonial model for Myeasyglow

Compact & easy-to-use! The smooth finish blends beautifully for a natural glow!  A must-have in your make-up routine


Definitely part of my daily look now! Very lightweight and good, clean ingredients. As the name says: what an Easy Glow!


My colour was just right. The quiz was easy to follow and got me to my perfect colour. I love the fact that the powders are refillable. Kind to the pocket and friendly to the planet


Really loved how the product blended with my skin tone & it didn’t feel heavy on my skin.  Absolutely ❤ my contoured face


Portable, easy & fast application, fits my lifestyle perfectly. And the brush quality is to die for, silky & smooth fibres