About us

We simplify make-up for you. We are all about timesaving, space-saving make-up, that is both kind to you & the environment. Make-up should be easy and accessible for all. And so, the journey of innovation started, to overcome all current challenges with contouring & highlighting. To transform the way you apply your make-up.

Superior brushes

The brushes had to be synthetic, of course. But most synthetic brushes’ pick-up & release is sub-standard to natural brush fibres. Our DermocuraⓇ fibre mimics a natural fibre to the point of exact performance. Tulip-shaped for seamless application. You can feel the difference!

Guided colour selection

No more money wasted on colours that don’t suit you. Your skin tone & undertone determine your match. A quick quiz will lead you to your optimal colour, no more guesswork! Go to the GLOW TIPS page if you need some help.


 And it had to be fitted into one unit, to be compact & used on-the-go. With colour caps that magnetically CLICK on. Once the product in the cap finishes, you simply buy a new refill. And that’s how EasyGlow was designed & born right here in South Africa. Out of a passion to simpify make-up, for you.