Share the Glow

We have partnered with The Lunchbox Fund to Share the Glow.

For every EasyGlow sold we will donate FIVE school lunches to The LunchBox Fund. You will fill a hungry tummy for an entire week at school.

Local transformation

The Lunchbox Fund aim to support education through providing school lunches to vulnerable & food-insecure children. They are a global company, but every cent of our donations will go towards South African pre-schools. Transforming a child’s education, one meal at a time.

Why school lunches?

School nutrition programs are proven to improve health, development, and learning among children in under-resourced communities.  By feeding a
child in school, we help children get the education they desperately need to build a life free of poverty for themselves and their families.

Thank you

By purchasing your product you have made their day! Thank you for supporting EasyGlow and this initiative. This won't be possible without you.

Five school lunches at a time, imagine what we can do in a year!

Photo credit: Jonx Pillemer

LunchBox partnership effective date: 1 August 2023